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A photo gallery of projects and applications of cement and concrete in Texas.

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2013 Pioneer Natural Resources Open House, Victoria

CCT hosted an open house on July 20, 2013 at Pioneer Natural Resources facility in Victoria. This project consists of 60 acres of RCC for material handling/storage and employee parking. Rollcon LLC is the RCC contractor and Weaver & Jacobs is the general contractor. This project was converted from unsurfaced graded aggregate base, where the crushed limestone was being transported from New Braunfels, to RCC, which used local aggregates. Pioneer cited lower initial cost and significantly reduced maintenance cost and dust reduction for principal reasons for choosing RCC.

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  • DSCN0817.JPG
    CCT's Matt Singel describes RCC pavement to 70 attendees representing public agencies, consulting engineers, private facility owners, and contractors.
  • DSCN0821.JPG
    Kevin Wentland of Rollcon, the RCC contractor, descibes paving operations at Pioneer
  • DSCN0824.JPG
    Kevin Skillern of Pioneer, the owner, describes why his company chose RCC pavement. The initial cost was less than unsurfaced graded aggregate base course, and maintenance will be almost zero, compared to the continual dust control and regrading/material replacement required with the aggregate base course
  • DSCN0852.JPG
    Pug mill mixing operations discharging into 25 cubic yard off-road dumps. Additional cement is stored in the horizontal "pig."
  • DSCN0854.JPG
    RCC pug mill about to discharge into off-road dump.
  • DSCN0848.JPG
    RCC placement with high-density paver
  • DSCN0861.JPG
  • DSCN0843.JPG
  • DSCN0862.JPG
    Close-up of RCC discharge out of paver. Nearly 100% density is achieved directly out of paver because of mixture optimization. The angled show helps keep the edge at high density.
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  • DSCN0864.JPG
  • DSCN0869.JPG
    Off-road dumps discharging into high-density paver.
  • DSCN0870.JPG
  • DSCN0880.JPG
    A long run of fresh RCC pavement. The RCC was placed on a stabilized sandy subgrade.
  • DSCN0878.JPG
    Large 10 or 12 ton vibratory compactors are not required for this RCC because of the high density achieved out of the paver
  • DSCN0876.JPG
    A smaller compactor in non-vibratory mode helps seal the surface. A water truck periodically sprays the surface of the RCC prior to curing compound application.
  • DSCN0863.JPG
    Fresh RCC surface texture
  • DSCN0836.JPG
    View of completed portion of RCC pavement. No saw-cutting was performed on this pavement. It will develop natural cracking.