CCT Fact Sheets

“CCT Fact Sheets and Highlights” feature promotional success overviews of projects in which cement or concrete provided a durable long lasting solution. Our team actively engages and interacts with contractors, design engineers, government officials, and private development representatives to provide cement-based solutions for their infrastructure project needs and challenges.

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Highlight #1 - Mt. Vernon, TX Lowe's Distribution Center goes RCC


Fact Sheet #7 - Full Depth Reclamation is Best Environmental Choice for Austin
Fact Sheet #6 - ICF Walls Make Low-Income Housing Affordable in Lubbock
Fact Sheet #5 - Fort Worth Saves Money—Sustainably
Fact Sheet #4 - Dallas Environmental Policy Drives Road Recycling Program
Fact Sheet #3 - Pavement Solutions for Streets & Local Roads
Fact Sheet #2 - Concrete Paving: Get More, Pay Less
Fact Sheet #1 - Texas Cement Industry: Vital for Texas' Future

CCT Mission

The mission of the CCT is to assist, promote and educate on the use of cement and concrete to provide best value long-life infrastructure.