CCT Info Sheets

“CCT Highlights and Fact Sheets" feature promotional success overviews of projects in which cement or concrete provided a durable long lasting solution. The CCT promotion team actively engages and interacts with contractors, design engineers, government officials, and private development representatives to provide cement-based solutions for their infrastructure project needs and challenges.

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  1. Texas Cement Industry: Vital for Texas' Future

  2. Concrete Paving - Get More, Pay Less

  3. Pavements Solutions for Streets and Local Roads

  4. Dallas Environmental Policy Drives Road Recycling Program

  5. Fort Worth Saves Money - Sustainably

  6. ICF Walls Make Low-Income Housing Affortable in Lubbock

  7. Full Depth Reclamation is Best Environmental Choice for Austin

CCT Mission

The mission of the CCT is to assist, promote and educate on the use of cement and concrete to drive sustainable and resilient solutions for long-life infrastructure.